Aquanutrient Growing System

A nutrient solution is introduced at the base of the rooting medium, sufficient to maintain a constant depth (about 1 inch) of solution. Automatic control is obtained with the use of a float value that regulates the flow of nutrient solution from a reservoir into the rooting vessel. Experience has shown that with constant maintenance of the 1-inch depth of nutrient solution in the bottom of the rooting vessel, root development will stabilize. The roots will occupy that portion of the rooting medium where there is a balance between water and air, with the plant being in control of water and plant nutrient element absorption without being affected by the characteristics of the rooting medium.

Perlite is the rooting medium. The depth of the perlite is 7 inches above the maintained nutrient solution water table.

AquaNutrient Garden

Figure 1 AquaNutrient Garden with greenbeans growing in the GroTroughs on the right and tomatoes and peppers growing in Gro Boxes on the left. The 30-gallon garbage cans in the back contain the nutrient solution. The depth of nutrient solution in the bottom of the GroTroughs and GroBoxes are controlled by float values either located within each GroTrough or GroBox or in a container attached to either that supplies nutrient solution feed by gravity flow from a nutrient solution supply tanks.

The nutrient solution element composition is sufficient to meet the plant nutritional requirements as all the essential elements in the nutrient solution are available for root absorption.


• water and plant nutrient elements applied are completely utilized.
• easy and relatively inexpensive to set up.
• suitable for home garden use.
• using a float value to regulate water and nutrient solution delivery, minimum attention is required.
• no water or nutrient solution effluent to dispose.
• no accumulation of elements as solutes or precipitates occurs in the rooting medium.
• Having an overflow outlet installed in the rooting medium vessel, the system can be used outdoors.

A use of the AquaNutrientgrowing method shown at a home garden site (Figure 1) and in a commercial greenhouse for the growing of tomatoes (Figure 2).

GroTroughs Planted to Tomatoes in the Greenhouse

Figure 2 GroTroughs planted to tomatoes in the greenhouse. The float values servicing the GroTroughs are located in boxes between and attached to the GroTroughs.