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Vegetable Gardening Hydroponically: Complete Guide for the Home Gardener and Commercial Vegetable Grower

How to easily grow vegetables hydroponically is described in this 27-page Guide in rooting vessels that can be placed outside (not affected by rainfall) or in a greenhouse or an enclosed shelter. Instructions are given on how to construct the rooting vessels, both boxes and troughs, using items readily available from any home supply store (Lowe’s and Home Depot). The rooting medium is perlite. The reagents and quantity required for the formulation of the nutrient solution are given. All of the supplied water and nutrient elements are totally utilized by the plants, making for an efficient growing method (no loss of water, need to dispose of unused nutrient solution or leaching of the rooting medium). No electrical power is required. There are 15 photographs of growing boxes and troughs in production, set outside (planted to tomato, lettuce, sweet corn, green bean – not shown strawberry, okra, melons and pepper) and in the greenhouse (tomato and lettuce). A must Guide for those who want to grow vegetables and other crop plants hydroponically with ensured results.

Instructions for Growing Tomatoes in the Garden and Greenhouse

Want to Grow a Full Flavor Tomato Fruit? This book is dedicated to those who want to know how to grow in the home garden or greenhouse, a juicy, full flavor tomato fruit that is unblemished and eye appealing. Given are the requirements for maximizing the number and weight of fruit produced whether the tomato plant is to be grown in soil, an organic soilless mix, or hydroponically. These instructions are based on proven practical experience and latest technology. This book is a basic text on tomato plant physiology, its fruiting habit and those factors that relate to high fruit yield and quality.


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Complete Guide for Growing Plants Hydroponically

With the continued implementation of new equipment and new concepts and methods, such as hydroponics and soilless practices, crop growth has improved and become more efficient. Focusing on the basic principles and practical growth requirements, the Complete Guide for Growing Plants Hydroponically offers valuable information for the commercial grower, the researcher, the hobbyist, and the student interested in hydroponics. It provides details on methods of growing that are applicable to a range of environmental growing systems. A must book for all those interested in hydroponics as a method of plant growing, and particularly for those that are hydroponic growers.

Plant Nutrition and Soil Fertility Manual Hydroponic Handbook: How Hydroponic Growing Systems Work
A text providing the basic principles of plant nutrition and soil fertility and their practical application to crop production, including hydroponic production. A basic text on hydroponics for the beginner and professional grower actionable, acceptable strategy for successful growing that is certain to facilitate anyone developing the skill to achieve optimal plant growth.

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Tomato Plant Culture: In the Field, Greenhouse and Home Garden Hydroponics: A Practical Guide for the Soilless Grower
A text describing the requirements for the successful growing tomatoes in the field, greenhouse and home garden based the cultural characteristics required for each system of production. Fruit quality characteristics are described including nutritional value. Topics included are plant nutritional requirements, environmental requirements and pest control. This edition reflects the advances being made in the hydroponic production of plants in a range of different settings, in the field and home garden as well as in the greenhouse with details on greenhouse design and function. Included are details on hydroponic growing systems, nutrient solution formulation, and how plant nutritional requirements are satisfied hydroponically. Soilless methods of growing using organic mixes are described. A chapter is devoted to the educational applications of the hydroponic growing method.

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Nutrient Element Deficiencies in Tomato Plant Nutrition Basics
Seventeen minute presentation on the nutrient element deficiency symptoms in tomato illustrated by color photographs with accompanying elemental plant/leaf contents associated with each elemental deficiency. A presentation that focuses on the fundamental principles of how plants grow based on their nutritional requirements, primarily for the new learner, however, it is equally a refresher for the more experienced.